Industrial research and our own surveys in the NT show that there is currently an acute shortage of skilled people in the following industries: - Building & Construction - Hospitality and Tourism - Health and Medical Services - Financial Services - Agriculture/Aquaculture and Fisheries - Retail - Light Manufacturing - Technical Services - Automobile Services We are able to find the right workers, professionals and skilled technicians for your business through our on-line platform and association with both local and overseas partners ready to source such skills on our behalf. Unlike other Employment Agencies we do not rely on advertising each vacancy as it arises but pro-actively maintain an up-date database of job seekers for immediate selection. We will only screen those applicants genuinely seeking employment and can demonstrate recent employment experience. Some applicants will be on temporary working visas and hope to have employer nomination for permanent residence. We offer employers up to 5 suitable candidates for an introduction fee of A$200. If the candidate is engaged by the employer and remains in their employment for 3 months or longer, a finder commission will be charged based on the annual salary of that employee. If the first 5 candidates are found unsuitable we will refer up to 5 more candidates for a further A$100 introduction fee. We believe in full customer satisfaction and our objective is to help you fill those vacancies with the best people possible. Please fill in the Job Vacancy form for each vacancy you have in your business setting out the position profile and salary/commission offered and a brief description of duties and responsibilities and attributes of the applicant required.